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About Miskolc-Tapolca

Have you ever been on holiday in Miskolc-Tapolca, between the friendly hills of the Bükk Mountains? 

If yes, you surely visit this place again to recall the pleasant memories and see the changes...
If you haven't been here yet: come, because you can expect lot of fun.

What can a visit and holiday offer to you in Miskolc-Tapolca?

-The best known specialty what natives and foreigners also admire is the Cave Bath.  Its mineral water comes out from the heart of the mountains and charm to bath in summer and winter.
The Cave Bath also have a therapeutic section where multiple treatments are available.

-In the valley of brook Hejő, there is a marvelous park, fountains are springing in their lakes. The roads of the park are tempting for walks.

-An also well known monument is the rocky chapell, what has been carved into the tracertine rock. There is holy mass from 10 o'clock every sunday.

-The closeness of Bükk Mountains allow magnificent mountain hikes not only with car and on foot, but also with bicycles and motorbikes.

-Tapolca almost completely intergrated into the city of Miskolc. The whole year program of Miskolc is worth seeing because it offers diverse entertainment and cultural events for adults, children and for young people.

Miskolc-Tapolca combines the unique bathing, excursions in the mountains and the colorful recreational activities of the city.

Your freetime here will be spent valuable, relaxing and pleasant.

The Fairy Holiday Home for Families are waiting for you in the whole year!



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